Where has all the graphite gone?


As of this moment, graphite pickleball paddles are on the decline for the U.S. pickleball market including dealers and pickleball players.  Graphite paddles peaked a couple of years ago but are now being replaced with paddles constructed of alternate materials due to supplier issues and and inability to obtain the quality of graphite at the price that was previously available.  read the remainder of this post on our BRS blog.


See what’s new in the gear review

Whether you’re just taking up pickleball or improving to a point where you’re ready to upgrade your paddle, we recommend a look at the article in the FREE Spring issue of Pickleball Magazine that features many of the newest paddles to hit the market.  Nothing beats demoing the models you are considering before you buy but this presents a nice overview of the choices.

Also in this issue:

  • Pickleball Q&A
  • Tips for practicing alone
  • Rule review, tips & tricks
  • Core strengthening tips for pickleball


Pickleball Magazine – FREE Issue


Hello Spring!

PickleFlower April flowers bring…er, snow?  Well, we’re pretty sure that’s the end of it.  So with warmer weather on the way it’s the return to outdoor pickleball!  For those of you who pursue other activities during the winter, it’s time to unearth your paddle and head to the courts.  For those of you who played indoors through the fall & winter, pick up some outdoor balls, sunscreen, and enjoy the fresh air.  May the wind be at your back and may you enjoy the outdoor season in good health.  Cheers from your friends at BRS!

Happy Holidays!


What a crazy year for pickleball and how exciting to see a game grow so quickly with regards to infrastructure, products, and most importantly players!  It has been fast, furious and fun and we have especially enjoyed the conversations we’ve had with new players stopping by the store, excited to become part of the growing pickleball community.  For many players it has been a reentry to the sports lifestyle after many years being out of the sports mindset or after having been sidelined with injuries from another sport.  Regardless of what has brought you to pickleball, as you already know it is a wonderful community of players who are welcoming and enthusiastic to share their pickleball passion!

Once again the holiday season is upon us bringing good cheer, good fun and good eats.  This is all the more reason to squeeze in some court time to work off those appetizers, cocktails and desserts!  We hope that you enjoy the holiday season with those closest to you in good health and peace.

Thank you for all of your support in 2015!

-The Bell Family

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Play it safe!

It seems that lately we’ve been having daily discussions with players who are nursing injuries sustained during play.   I thought i’d post a link to an article from the USAPA that contains some great basic stretches and other advice on preventing & caring for injuries.  Of course no one wants to take time off from the game, although common sense tells us that rest (ahem, taking a couple of weeks off) may be just the ticket to get you back on the court in prime form!

Give it a read (click the link below) and please share any of your own advice or experience that may be of use to your fellow players.

Health & Safety for Pickleball Players